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30/11 et 01/12/2015 Transformational Media Summit : rencontrez nos réseaux internationaux

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Après Washington et Londres, c’est à Paris durant la Cop21 que se réunissent Reporters d’Espoirs et ses réseaux internationaux – journalistes, professionnels des médias, storytellers, réalisateurs, communicants… 2 jours de rencontres et d’échanges passionnants, les 30 novembre et 1er décembre 2015, réservés à 150 privilégiés.

En bref

Le thème : « Storytelling for a better world« , exploré à travers pitchs et ateliers, sur la créativité, l’innovation, le journalisme et les médias de solutions.
Le programme : consultable sur
Parmi les intervenants : des personnalités et professionnels des médias du monde entier -USA, UK, DK, FR, ES, IT… Avec notamment Samuel Le Bihan (acteur producteur), Cathryne Gyldensted (journaliste, auteur, pionnière du journalisme constructif au Danemark), Laurent de Cherisey (fondateur de Simon de Cyrène et de Reporters d’Espoirs), Christine Cauquelin (Canal+)…
Le lieu : Place to B, le « hub » des médias et bloggeurs durant la Cop21.
L’adresse : Belushi’s, 5 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris
Réservation : 150 places seulement. Pour réserver votre place, c’est ici :

Plus précisément

The Transformational Media Summit is a gathering of changemakers, storytellers and media professionals and innovators from across the globe who are passionate about collaborating for good. Our vision is to use our creative talent and resources to help contribute to a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world.

The summit addresses themes related to storytelling, media and technology for positive social, environmental and economic change. It brings together leading experts creating innovation in their fields drawing people from a diverse range of organizations such as: Reporters d’Espoirs, the BBC, UN Foundation, MTV, Discovery Channel, or the Jane Goodall Institute.

The summits have been attended by an international group of people working in the fields of media, social enterprise, international development, environmental preservation, economics, sustainable business, peace building, health, and well-being.

↗Launch summit in London in 2012
↗2nd summit in partnership with the UN Foundation in Washington, DC in November 2014
↗ 3rd summit in Paris during Climate conference/Cop21, with PlaceToB and Reporters d’Espoirs

An ideal spot: the partnership with Place to B 

TMSummit take place during Cop21, within the “Place to B” (St Christopher’s Inn Youth Hostel, its bar Belushi’s and Auditorium) located 200 meters from the Gare du Nord railway station on the line of the RER B train going to Le Bourget, where COP21 meetings will take place.

Place to B offers not only a place to stay, but also a coworking space, a program of events and a “News Fab Lab” about climate and solutions for the ecological transition. Place to B is above all a movement fuelled by all those who want to convey the message in a different way.

The modern complex has a capacity of 600 beds and opened in 2013. It will be especially shaped to host Place to B from 29th November to 12th December 2015. bedrooms are available to rent for your stay in Paris during Cop21.

Pour tout savoir :