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Reporters d’Espoirs and the media spotlight people who take the initiative, encouraging society to be solutions-based, not only problem-focused. Our organization has worked on « solutions journalism » « impact journalism » and « constructive journalism » over the past 20 years.


We study the impact of solutions-based journalism with the Reporters of Hope Lab

Reporters d’Espoirs theorises on, tracks and analyses the international emergence of this reporting method.

Reporters d’Espoirs created the LAB, a tool :

– to analyse the evolution of solutions-based content in the media
– to measure the impact of solutions-based journalism on the public, the media and the public will to engage
– to produce MOOC training courses for journalism professionals and students on climate change, solutions journalism, etc.

We take action with the media

Throughout the year, Reporters d’Espoirs contributes to the emergence of new editorial lines, news sections and special editions, in partnership with major French media.

With « La France des solutions » media week (October), Reporters d’Espoirs brings hundreds of innovative solutions to millions of citizens, through partners with 50 medias – TV, radio, the press and the internet.

We identify real, reproducible solutions with Le Plus from Reporters of Hope

Reporters d’Espoirs is continually scanning the social, environmental and business landscape to identify successful initiatives that could be reproduced elsewhere.

  • We have an online journalism platform called Le Plus
  • 1800 fact sheets on initiatives that receive little or no media coverage
  • 6000 reports referenced
  • A search engine based on geographical and thematic criteria
  • 5 themes: Culture and education / Planet / Economy / Society / Science & Tech

We recognise and promote media professionals

We meet with students and professionals, encouraging journalists and the future generation to make news socially responsible.

  • Reporters d’Espoirs Awards
    An award to honour journalists who report on innovative and meaningful answers to major concerns of our time.

We spread our message to the public realm

Showcasing the best in news reporting from the people who make it happen.

– 2 times a year, a 148-page magazine
– The best of French media solutions
– Distributed by subscription, Relay and bookshops
– Issue 1 on the theme « Together we can go further ».
– Issue 2 on the theme of Nature

We are a forum for the exchange of ideas

Providing a place for exchanging news, we bring together journalists and media professionals who share our approach.

  • We belong to the TMI (Transformational Media Initiative), a global network of people working to support solution and constructive journalism. Reporters d’Espoirs co-organized the TM Summit during Cop21 in Paris, in co-operation with Place to B.


The news can often be distressing.
Yet there is a wide range of real solutions to today’s economic, social and environmental problems. We are convinced that the media, through its undeniable multiplier effect, can – by highlighting innovative and long-lasting initiatives that can be applied more widely – inspire and encourage the audience to take action.


As a non-governmental organisation, Reporters d’Espoirs has been promoting solutions-based news in the media since 2003.
Our mission is to encourage newsrooms to present not only contemporary problems but also possible solutions to these.
Climate change, poverty, unemployment, violence: these problems are not as unavoidable as people imagine, and initiatives do exist to help mitigate them. A louder voice can be given to people able to make a real difference. That is why we actively promote news that highlights the ideas and work of people who serve the public interest by putting forward solutions that address major contemporary issues for which we are collectively responsible.

Over the last fifteen years, Reporters d’Espoirs has succeeded in developing a clearly identifiable hallmark appreciated by its partners.


We work with popular press, web, radio and TV groups, to spread initiatives among the general public. In collaboration with several news services, we cobrand special issues, thematic columns and programme content.

Examples of our regular and successful productions with the media are:

  • Ouest France des solutions: a special issue of the newspaper Ouest France, distributed in 15 localities and attracting 2.5 million readers
  • Libé des solutions: a special issue of the newspaper Libération, distributed for seven years with a 22% growth in sales
  • TF1: a special edition of the TV midday news with Reporters d’Espoirs, attracting six million viewers and up to 50% audience share
  • Passage à l’acte (‘Acting out’): a regular column on the news website Rue89 since 2009, giving a voice to people offering real solutions
  • Week of Media Solutions / « La France des solutions » media week: special issues on initiatives that move France, with 4.5 million citizens reached in 2014 through the regional press (Ouest France, La Voix du Nord and Nice Matin) and 25 million citizens in 2017, 2018 and 2019 with 50 national and regional media.

We build a network of International organization working on constructive journalism and solutions journalism, for example:

  • The Solutions Journalism Network – USA
  • Windesheim University – The Netherlands
  • Eurovision – Europe
  • EnPositivo – Spain
  • Positive News – UK
  • The Constructive Journalism Network – UK


We see our key assets as being:

  • a unique and constructive editorial stance
  • a team specialising in solutions-based news
  • a partnership with the third French constitutional assembly – the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of France – which represents the diversity of socio-professional interest groups.
  • 16 years of experimentations, concrete actions, builiding of network in France, Europe, and abroad


Reporters d’Espoirs is a team of journalists, media professionals, media analysts, event organizers, etc., managed by Gilles Vanderpooten.

Myriam Crété-O’Carroll is the international correspondent for Reporters d’Espoirs/Reporters of Hope. Myriam has worked and still collaborates with international influential media outlets and organisations such as CNN, The World Economic Forum, Accenture, E&Y, Havas Media, The Women’s Forum, Thomson Reuters Foundation, CNBC Europe, French Radio London, BBC World Service, BBC Media Action.

Passionate about innovation, storytelling and creativity as drivers for positive transformation, Myriam puts meaningful content at the heart of communications. Myriam delivers workshops and speaks on media leadership around the world including Algeria, Tunisia, Francophone and Anglophone Africa and the Middle East.

Gilles Vanderpooten has experience in the fields of both entrepreneuship, non-governemtal organizations and civil society, journalism and writing. He his involved into various activities and organizations he contributed to launch and manage.
Editor in Chief and then Managing Director of Reporters d’Espoirs (Reporters of Hope) NGO , he works with the media to spotlight people who take the initiative all around the world.
He launched « La France des Solutions » annual event in 2013 with the presence of the French President, an event that reach 600 leaders and journalists, and more than 25 millions citizens in 2019. He manages the « Reporters d’Espoirs Award » to honour journalists who report on innovative and meaningful answers to major concerns of our time. He created « Solutions in light » exhibition and charity at Palais d’Iena, with French designer Philippe Starck, and 60 artists -JonOne, Raymond Depardon, Jef Aerosol, Vladimir Velickovic, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, etc.

Cofounder of several organisations, he is particularly involved into answers to environmental challenges with the co-creation of: the Environmental Film Festival of Nantes (2006), REFEDD, the French network of students involved into sustainability (2007), Coordinator of PLANET-D AWARDS, rewarding students who lead social and environmental initiatives on campuses (2007), Founder of Le Tour de France du développement durable (2008).

As a journalist and editor, he writes books with people like: Ambassador writer of the best-seller « Indignez-vous ! » Stephane Hessel, famous designer Philippe Starck, first-lady Danielle Mitterrand, and scenarist Jean Claude Carrière honored by an Oscar in 2015.

As an entrepreneur, he launched his first business at the age of 14, with the creation of an activity dedicated to news and web creation.